Don’t Panic Over Water Heater Problems

Water Heater Problems Water Heater Problems Water Heater Problems Water Heater Problems

People go crazy over water heater problems, especially during the cold season. It’s very hard to take a shower during winter season, right? That’s why the water heater is essential in daily activities like showering, doing the laundry, washing dishes, and basically anything that involves exposing yourself to water.

A water heater surely beats boiling water manually and waiting for it to reach a desired temperature. Therefore, you have to address water heater problems before they get worse. That will save you a lot of time and money. It’s worth knowing the several water heater problems that plague your water heater so you’ll know what to do with them.

Excessively High Temperature

There are times when the water heater heats the water to an unnecessarily high temperature. One of the most annoying moments in the shower is when you squirm because the hot water burns your skin already. You should check on your water heater’s thermostat and adjust it accordingly. If nothing has changed after several hours, it means that your water heater needs to be fixed by a professional or by the technical support team of the manufacturer.

Water Doesn’t Get Hot

If you’re using the water heater yet the temperature isn’t going up after at least 30 seconds, check the thermostat and adjust it accordingly. Wait for an hour or two to check if it’s heating up water properly. It usually takes an hour for the water heater to warm up the running water. Also, don’t forget to check the detector of your water heater. For most models, it’s a small bulb that lights up when it’s in use. If it doesn’t light up, your water heater may not be functioning normally. There could be a plumbing problem, meaning you have to contact your plumber to fix it. It could also be a problem with the electric circuit that works the water heater. In this case, try plugging it in another socket.

Dirty and Stinky Hot Water

This is one of the more serious and dangerous water heater problems. Filthy and smelly hot water is an imminent sign of contamination. Thriving anaerobic bacteria could be the cause of the filthy water. When the anaerobic bacteria react with the magnesium and aluminum anodes in the water heater, it produces hydrogen sulfide gas. This explains the highly repulsive smell that water heaters emit.

The most common advice would be to soften water. By all means, don’t follow this advice since it only worsens the smell of the water. One of the most effective solutions is to replace the standard anodes with aluminum or zinc alloy anodes. It’s one of the cheapest solutions to try before proceeding to other measures.

Next, drain the water from the tank and shut off the cold valve. Put in hydrogen peroxide, open the cold valve, and let the water run until it’s odor-free again. Stick to peroxide rather than bleach, as the former is a safer option.

Many water heater problems can send anyone panicking but with the right knowledge, these problems are easily treatable.