How And Why To Install A Double Kitchen Sink

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Double Kitchen Sink Double Kitchen Sink Double Kitchen Sink Double Kitchen Sink Double Kitchen Sink

When you talk changing your kitchen sink, you have to first think about whether you want the single basin models or a double kitchen sink. There is no such fact to show that one is better than the other because it can be subjective. How suitable a model can be to you depends very greatly on how you are and going to use the sink.

Therefore, it is very important to learn more about the different types of sinks before you really make up your mind.

A single basin kitchen sink, as the name implies, come with only one basin and you do all your washing activities in this single basin. A double kitchen sink is manufactured with two divided sinks and these two sinks can be either different in size or of the same size. To facilitate washing, both are installed with faucets and other necessary accessories. Depending on the models, there are also some double sinks that come with a built-in garbage disposal in one sink.

The designs and styles of the double kitchen sinks are really appealing and if you would like to impress your guests, this model is a must. With the many different designs, you can also choose from the different materials, sizes and shapes. The prefect model of yours will have to depend greatly on the décor of your kitchen.

You may have read the information about the various kitchen sink models, but are you familiar with the procedure on how to install your new kitchen sink?

No matter what models you are installing, always ensure that the water supply is turned off. You don’t want your kitchen flooring and yourself to get wet, do you? This is also especially true when there is hot water connected to your sink, it can be very dangerous. Besides the water supply, you will need to switch off the power supply of the garbage disposal, if there is one. Also, make sure the plumbing under your kitchen sink, garbage disposal and p-traps are disconnected.

Remove all items like metal clips, silicon or latex caulk, so that the sink can be lifted out from your countertop. You can easily remove the silicon or latex caulk by cutting it with a razor blade. No matter if you are using the same faucet; you have to remove it from the old sink before you remove the sink.
Once the sink is positioned in place, you should fasten it by mounting metal clips. The next step is to install the faucet and water supply pipe to the sink. As for the garbage disposal, follow the instruction of the manufacturer before you connecting it to ensure safety and functionality. The rest of plumbing below your sink has to be connected back before the new sink can be used. Due to the many different designs, the plumbing configurations can be of great different, so of possible, us back the same old parts if they are still good.

When you see that everything is installed and connected properly, do a test run by turning on the water supply. Let the water flow from the faucets to check if there is any leakage from the pipe. If no leakage is detected, the whole installation process is complete.

Unless you think it fit perfectly without any tiny gaps in between the sink and countertop, you can use silicon to cover up the gap. There you have a brand new kitchen sink; installing kitchen sink is not as difficult as you might have thought. If you are still not sure of how to install a double kitchen sink and feel competent of doing it yourself, get some professional to do it.