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Rohl Kitchen Sinks Rohl Kitchen Sinks Rohl Kitchen Sinks Rohl Kitchen Sinks Rohl Kitchen Sinks

If you are someone who is looking into pampering yourself with the best in life, you should be choosing among the luxurious Rohl kitchen sinks when remodeling your kitchen area. Rohl wants to provide the best for its customers and they are investing every effort in doing so. Not only is the company doing its best to exceed what customers are expecting globally, it is also taking every step to take care of the environment to save the earth.

Rohl kitchen sinks are manufactured to add on to the beauty of your kitchen area where you should be spending a lot of time preparing meals or entertaining your guests. These sinks are also very long lasting which directly saves you a lot of money. The Shaw sinks from Rohl come in different design, size and style. Shaw sinks, which have a long history over a hundred years old, are hand-made products and what this really means is that they are unique as it is quite impossible to have two looking exactly the same. These are unlike machine made items which have standard designs, shapes and sizes.

Shaw sinks are manufactured from fireclay and hence, they can be very long-lasting and easily cleaned. Unlike the other materials which have to be cleaned regularly to maintain their cleanliness, the fireclay type of sinks can be easily cleaned by normal cleaning powder and abrasive.

Although the Shaw sinks are hand-made, these fireclay types of sink from Rohl, for example, the RC1515, are made with standard measurement. This single bowl model, as the model number implies is measured 15*15” and weighs 51lb. If you think you are going to spend a long time in the kitchen area in a day and the sink is definitely going to be used constantly, the Shaw sink is going to prove to you that you have made the right choice.

This model is durable as it can withstand alkalis and acidic substances and what this means is that you can easily maintain their new look. The fireclay sinks come with two colors to choose from and they are the color of biscuit and white. When you purchase the Rohl’s Shaw sinks, you can be rest assure of the good quality of the product. This particular model comes with a year warranty in case there are any manufacturing faults, and another warranty which last you a decade on any fading or staining of the sink.

Besides the model mentioned above, there are many other different attractive models when you search through the catalogue for Rohl kitchen sinks. To get one that fits into your kitchen décor is not a problem at all with the impressive array of products available. Not only will you be adding on to the attractiveness of your kitchen, you are purchasing a product which is environmental friendly.