Single Handle Kitchen Faucets

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Single Handle Kitchen Faucets Single Handle Kitchen Faucets Single Handle Kitchen Faucets Single Handle Kitchen Faucets Single Handle Kitchen Faucets

A kitchen is busy place and in the midst of your cooking or preparation of food, you want to get things done fast so you do not want your work to be hindered by a kitchen faucet that is difficult to be operated. To make things more convenient for you, installing a single handle kitchen faucet is the best.

What exactly is a single handle kitchen faucet? It is a faucet that can be operated with just one lever handle. In this way, even if you have only one free hand, you will still be able to turn on and off the tap easily since it can be operated with just one lever handle. In addition, you will also be able to control the temperature of the water with such single handle faucets.

By now, you are probably already very familiar with the usual increase and decrease of water flow by lifting or lowering the handle of such faucets. For those that include the facility of controlling the water temperature, you can even mix the hot and cold water by shifting the lever handle left and right. In this way, you do not need to install the two handle faucet in order to get hot and cold water in your kitchen sink. In fact, two handle faucets are more difficult to handle as you would have to operate two handles just to get the right temperature of water.

Besides giving you more convenience, another reason why the single handle kitchen faucet is gaining popularity is its low price. Being a simple gadget, you will be able to find a range of prices for such faucets when you visit your local hardware store so there is no reason why you cannot get one that fits your budget.

Moreover, such kitchen faucets with single handles are the most basic of equipment so they are very easy to install. On top of being able to get it cheap, you will also be able to save on hiring an expert to get the faucet installed for you as you can easily install it on your own with the basic guide provided.

As these single handle kitchen faucets are fast gaining popularity, companies are constantly coming up with new designs to suit the varied taste of consumers. Choices available range from the most basic and simple designs to the more sophisticated ones. You will also be able to find different finishing for the faucets, for instance those made of copper, brushed nickel, brushed chrome, satin nickel, polished chrome, stainless steel or oil rubbed bronze. As such, you will have no difficulty getting one that matches your taste as well as your kitchen’s decorations. All you need to do is to search thoroughly for the one that best fit your kitchen sink.