5 Steps To Installing Your Single Hole Kitchen Faucets

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Single Hole Kitchen Faucets Single Hole Kitchen Faucets Single Hole Kitchen Faucets Single Hole Kitchen Faucets Single Hole Kitchen Faucets

It does not take an experienced handyman to get your single hole kitchen faucets installed because these faucets are simple gadgets which make installation very easy. Each of these faucets has only a single base piece which is cylindrical in shape. All you need to do to get it fixed is to install the base piece right into the sink via the single mounting hole in your sink.

Your purchase of the single hole kitchen faucets should come with an installation kit but if there isn’t one present, you can easily buy one from your local hardware store. In this kit, there is a bracket and wrench which are tools needed for the smooth installation of the faucets. Since the process is very simple, you should not more than a couple of hours and most likely much less if you have experience with installing door knobs or other similar appliances.

So what are the steps needed to install your own single hole kitchen faucet?

1. Make sure the waiter pipe valves have been turned off before you attempt to remove the old faucet or fix in the new one. You can find the valves under the sink. To turn off the water supply, simply turn the valves in a clockwise direction until you have reached its limit.

2. Remove the old faucet if there is one. Use a pair of plumbing pliers to unscrew the nut which you can find in the bracket underneath the base of the faucet mounting hole. Turn the water pipes anit-clockwise in order to take out the hoses from the pipes. That done, you are ready to remove the old faucet from the hole.

3. Next, you need to slot in the hoses and base of the faucet into the sink’s mounting hole. Once done, replace the bracket, nut and washer. Then, ensure that the nut is tightened. You can use the wrench provided in the installation kit.

4. If you have hot and cold water pipes installed, now you will have to connect the hoses of the single hole faucet to the end of the pipes. Turn the connectors to the right until the hoses are firmly secured.

5. Once you have checked that the hoses and water pipes are properly installed, you will now have to seal the faucet to ensure that no water will flow out when in use. You can do this by running a bead of silicone round the faucet base. You will just need to run it on the edge of the base. You should also ensure that the sink is well sealed.

Armed with the above 5 tips, you are now ready to install your own single hole kitchen faucets. You have to make sure that you have bought everything tool necessary before you start the installation process as you do want anything to go wrong.