White Kitchen Sinks – Upgrade That Old Kitchen Sink

White Kitchen Sinks White Kitchen Sinks White Kitchen Sinks White Kitchen Sinks White Kitchen Sinks

White kitchen sinks can look very classy and elegant, especially if they are brand new and they fit in perfectly with any kitchen d├ęcor, regardless of whether you have a contemporary theme or a rustic theme. However, you cannot simply buy a white sink without maintaining its whiteness. So how do you ensure that you do not regret your purchase and wish that you had gotten a black sink instead?

It is really not difficult to make your white kitchen sinks look brand new again even if you have been using it for years. All you have to do is clean it up properly and remove all stains. Below are some tips to help you do just that.

1. When you purchase the white sinks, check for a manual that accompanies it. Most manufacturers will include a manual that gives you tips on how you can clean up the particular sink you have bought. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure you clean it up every day.

2. When cleaning the sink, use only soft materials, for example, soft cleaning cloth, soft sponge and mild detergent, etc. Start your maintenance right from day one because the longer the stains are, the more difficult it is to remove them.

3. If you find stains on your white sink, take action to remove them right away. Take a towel that is large enough to cover the whole of your sink’s bottom. Wet the towel and pour in some bleach. Allow the bleach to sip right onto the sink to remove the stains. Leave the towel sitting on the stains of the sink for 30 minutes to a few hours, until all the stains are gone. Use normal dishwashing detergent to wash off the stains which should have already come off the sinks. Add more bleach if the stains are still very stubborn.

4. Removing scratch marks is just as easy as removing stains. You can simply carry out the above steps. However, you can save the trouble by ensuring that you exercise caution when you are placing sharp objects on the sink.

As mentioned above, it is untrue and unfair to say that white kitchen sinks are unsightly to be installed in the kitchen in the long run because they get dirty easily and that it is almost impossible to remove the ugly stains. Not only do white sinks look sophisticated when they are brand new, they are also easy to maintain and your kitchen’s classy looks can remain regardless of how long you have been using the sinks. All you have to do is to clean it up every day and your bleaching process can just take place once a week.